3 Tips to Define Your Brand Style.


Trying to create from scratch each & every time you sit down to do an instagram post or new piece of content to share your brand with the world is a total time and energy sucker.

It will leave you feeling overwhelmed by a ga-zillion possibilities AND losing brand trust from posting random ass (in-cohesive) content.

This definitely does NOT equal fun in my books and really what is the point of it all if you are not having a good time while making shit happen in your biz?

Lets face it, you may as well go back to that soul-sucking corporate job if you are not feeling the FUN and FLOW while making your vision happen.

SO with that said, YES you can go straight to the pro’s (or us…*wink wink*) to help you define your core brand style and they can create a “Brand Style Guide” — which is a super handy document that will help keep you, your team & any collaborators brand aligned.

BUT, unless YOU yourself have some solid clarity on your brand’s core style first, you may get back something you don’t feel totally connected to and then start to doubt and overthink things — putting yourself at risk of being sucked into the prickly vortex of
self-doubt and overthinking.

Now we are definitely NOT saying you need to have it all figured out, as your brand style will continue to evolve as you do, so lets get started on getting a little more clear on your core brand style NOW so you can get the most out of a full branding project when the time comes.

So without further ado, here are…


(Specifically one’s you love the look & feel of).

Now ask yourself these questions:

Question 1: What is it that I am attracted to about this brand?

Question 2: What 3 individual words would you use to describe it?


Now ask yourself these questions:

Question 1: What is your go-to (I feel like a #boss when you are wearing it) outfit?

Question 2: What are 3 individual words you would use to describe this outfits style?

Question 3: What 3 individual words would you (or others) use to describe your personal style?

Question 4: Who are your style icons? (Celebs, Rockstars,or People you love the style of.)

Question 5: What are 3 individual words you would use to describe their style?



Defining and connecting to your true brand style takes time.
But the cool part is, you don’t have to do all the work!

Now that you have started reflecting more specifically around your potential style, you have planted the seed in your subconscious mind to give you clarity.

Actually, there is something in your brain called the ‘Reticular Activiating System’ (or RAS for short) - Your RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It then sifts through the data it receives and presents only the pieces of information that are important or relevant to you and/or the “problem” you are seeking to resolve.

SO, if you plant the seed in your mind of “getting clarity around your brand style” then naturally you will be drawn to or see things that you may have otherwise missed that will give you clues to what it might be.

Don’t believe? Test it out for yourself.
Set an intention of defining your brand style by asking yourself the question,
”What is my true brand style” and then see what you notice over the next week that you may have otherwise missed. **Try to capture things that resonate in a notebook or take a photo on your phone you have for reference later.

Okie dokie, I trust this post helped you think a little differently about how to start defining your core brand style and I KNOW (after working with many clients on brand & style definition) that coming to a branding project with a deeper clarity and direction of your own will make things roll ALOT smoother for both parties…saving everyone valuable time &
ultimately ensuring results that you feel connected to & stoked about!

In the meantime, have fun exploring and defining your true, one-of-a-kind brand style!

AND PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you found this interesting and helpful…😎