Lindsay Bouvier
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Who, What, Where do all THE CREATIVE BRAINWAVES come from?


The Studio.

‘Bouv Studios’ is a Creative Branding Agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

We specialize in working with modern fashion and lifestyle brands that are up to cool shit in the world!

With outside-of-the-box thinking, grounded in solid strategy & creative storytelling, we help your brand grow and stay relevant within the ever-evolving (rapidly-changing!) business landscape of the 21st century.

We bring clarity, cohesion and a distinctive modern edge to the brands we work with and nothing gets us more stoked then seeing our clients creativity & vision unleashed into the world!


Our mission is to unleash
human creativity.

Creativity is our jam. It's the thread that runs through everything we do. We believe that creativity is the secret sauce that brings real magic to individual lives, businesses and brands. We know first hand that when you apply a bit of creative wizardry to most things, you can go from a boring snooze fest to dope AF. And let's be real, boring is so…well, boring.


Where do you come into
all of this mission biz?

At risk of sounding like total fluff-balls, YOU give us the opportunity to serve and unleash creativity in the world everyday! We believe that to be human is to be creative and we strive to bring out the creative side of every human or brand we cross paths with.

We know, we are just "not creative". We hear people say that ALOT (*insert eye-roll here). Actually yes you are, BUT we get it, it might take a bit of stretching that old, dusty creativity muscle to remember that bad-boy is there. SO, in the meantime, thats where we come in!

We are a community of creative humans
making cool shit happen in the world.


The main human behind the scenes.



With 15+ years of experience in various creative roles (from product/apparel design & development, to commercial storyboarding, textile design, graphic art, visual merchandising, fashion styling and more) Lindsay has a broad understanding & deep insights into how all the many pieces of a brand fit together.

Weather it be with the clients she works with, the team she creates, or the collabs she takes on, she surrounds herself with creative humans up to cool shit in the world.

Oh, and she loves coffee, art, dogs, nature, snowboarding,
meditation, yoga, and books…she has LOTS of books and her mom thinks one day she might explode from all the information she has soaked up over the years. So far so good tho ;)




The ‘We Got You’ New Biz Program



We believe in giving with no expectation of return. That is why we invest energy in the ‘We Got You’ new biz program— a program we created to help early-stage startups gain some traction.

How does it work? Quarterly we pick ONE biz and work with them (for free!). #saywhat

Why? We want to relieve some of the overwhelm that can
come from starting a brand from scratch and give the founders confidence putting themselves and their business out there into
the big, bad world.

This quarter we are stoked to be working with
ALT GALLERIE, a platform merging impact and style (totally up our alley!).

We will be developing a full visual identity & style guide for these creative, earth-conscious humans and are super excited to be a part of growing this epic brand!

Go say hi to them at They are rad.


Are you interested in being the next brand we back?
CONTACT US and we will let you know how to make it happen.


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